DMV Forms


MV-82 Vehicle Registration/Title Application

Use MV-82 form to Register Vehicle, Renew Vehicle Registration, Amend or Request Duplicate Vehicle Registration.

ID-82 Proofs of Identity for Registration and Title

Lookup ID-82 form for Lists of Proofs of ID and Date of Birth Documents accepted for Vehicle Registration and Title Applications. Total 6 Points of ID required.

DTF-802 Statement of Transaction – Sale or Gift of Motor Vehicle, Trailer, ATV, Boat, or Snowmobile

Use DTF-802 form to certify sale price for sales tax calculation when is transferred as casual sale or gift.

DTF-803 Claim for Sales Tax Exemption – Title/Registration Motor Vehicle, ATV, Boat or Snowmobile

Use DTF-803 form to claim exemption from sales tax other than a gift.

DTF-804 Claim for Credit of Sales Tax Paid to Another State - Motor Vehicle, ATV, Boat or Snowmobile

Use DTF-804 form to apply for credit for the sales tax paid in the other state when registers the same vehicle in new york state.

MV-902 Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title

Use MV-902 form to request a duplicate (replacement) vehicle title by mail. The duplicate title fee charged by DMV is $20.  When using this form to request a duplicate title by mail, you must include a photocopy of your identification.


MV-82B Boat Registration/Title Application

Use MV-82B to register a Boat.

MV-103 Odometer and Damage Disclosure Statement

Use MV-103 form by dealer or private owner where the title or dealer’s certificate of sale does not have an odometer/damage disclosure statement section required by law.

MV-912 Vehicle Bill of Sale

Use MV-912 from to show proof of a vehicle ownership transferred through a private sales.

MV-44 Application for Permit, Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card

Use MV-44 form to apply for Permit, Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card

ID-44 Proofs of ID for applying New York Driver License

Look up ID-44 for Proofs of ID accepted for applying New York Driver License.

MV-44OH Historical License Plates

Use MV-44OH form to register a vehicle with Historical Plate.


MV-15 Request for Certified DMV Records

Use MV-15 form to request records from the Department of Motor Vehicles

MV-95 registration Authorization

Use MV-95 form to authorize another person to register your vehicle.

MV-82ITP In-Transit Permit/Title Application

Use MV-82ITP form to apply for In-Transit Permit

MV-114 Information for Pick-up Truck Owners

Lookup MV-114 form for information for pick-up truck owners.

MV-349 Transfer of Vehicle Registered in Name of Deceased Person

Use MV-349 form to transfer a vehicle registered in the name of deceased person.

MV-900 Notice of Lien

Use MV-900 form to add a lien to a vehicle

 For Complete DMV forms please visit DMV Website. 

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